Business application migration, the easy way

Migrating legacy business apps from deprecated technologies to the web can increase innovation speed, improve change management and boost developer productivity. 

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Embrace innovation

Migrate from legacy applications that hinder innovation and keep you on track with old ways of doing business.


Speed up processes

Legacy apps can slow down how your organization implement changes


Reduce time to market

In the case of most legacy apps, 80% of the budget is spent on maintenance and 20% on new products.


Coordinate stakeholders

The legacy effect affects maintainers, product owners and senior management differently.

Reuse-driven vs. Design-driven migration


Choose the right approach

Before performing a migration, your company should decide whether to pursue a low-risk approach where most of the legacy code is reused, or a redesign that leads to a better UX and less complexity,

What others say about our application migration service


Dan Nelson

"Coming from the Flex world, we had to manually manage the communication between frontend and backend. Because of that, sometimes a backend change would break things. Now Vaadin takes care of the communication. Automating it and taking away that layer has been a huge advantage in giving stability. It would be hard to go back to some other framework, with all the other headaches of developing HTML and JS."


Jon Jenkins

"The ‘pattern library’ design system was an initial upfront investment but resulted in a much more rapid development process as everyone knew what was expected in the end result. The code base itself reflected the design patterns, and once the design pattern for a screen was identified, it meant developers were empowered to rapidly create the foundations for each new screen."

Maximize migration project success


Application Portfolio Management

Apply migration energy and resources where they are needed most.


Reuse existing artifacts

Facilitate testing and keep newly developed features in sync between the old app and the new one.


Incremental migration

Improve manageability and lower risk by migrating business web apps in increments.

Companies modernizing legacy apps with Vaadin


Achieve digital transformation by migrating your legacy business app to the web

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