Free Proof of Concept for Swing to Web Migration with Vaadin

Why migrate from Swing to the web?

If your business has a mission critical Java Swing application, the good news is that Swing still works and is still free! The bad news is that Swing is limiting your ability to innovate in many important ways. It hinders the ability to run applications on a wide range of devices, and doesn't allow a consistent use of device-independent pixels for scaling text and graphics. No-fuss lazy loading of large data sets, and access to a vibrant community of reusable component authors are some other things you might miss by using Swing. 

If your developers love Java but are being held back by Swing, migrating to the web with Vaadin is a great way to leverage the team's skills while keeping migration costs down. To help you on this journey, we want to give you the chance of getting a free proof of concept (PoC) for migrating your application to the web.

Why Vaadin?

Vaadin’s mission is to help developers create web applications that real-world end-users love. The Open Source tools we’ve created for Java developers are the core of this mission. Our Apache 2.0 licensed platform for creating web applications provides a similar programming model as Swing. This model allows you to reuse most of the code in the Swing app. Your existing team will be able to leverage their core strengths and stay productive in software development even when shifting to a new technology.

So, what’s the catch?

Why are we providing a free PoC? What’s the catch? There are no strings attached, but we reserve the right to choose which applications are eligible. At the end of the proof-of-concept, we want to give you a commercial offer for completing the migration of transferring your Swing application into a modern web application. Let's have a call and discuss how we can help you!

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