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Vaadin brings the simplicity of desktop development to the web


Why migrate your legacy Swing app?

Leverage cloud

  • Swing apps are not multidevice
  • Installing and rolling out new versions of your desktop software is hard
  • Modern development teams have a mobile-first mentality
  • Cloud brings agility to dev teams, usability advantages to end-users

Avoid path of technical erosion

  • Swing apps do not get rendered consistently in modern hardware
  • Swing apps show resource consumption antipatterns
  • No new Swing features since 2006

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Why Swing to Vaadin?

A similar programming model to Swing allows the reuse of most of your existing code.

  Swing Vaadin
Language Java Java
Components Java Objects Java Objects
Patterns Controllers, Presenters, Views, Models, Events Controllers, Presenters, Views, Models, Events
API Swing API (Java) Vaadin Flow API (Java)


What you will get

An interactive Vaadin front-end prototype for a single view


So, what’s the catch?

Why are we providing a free PoC? There are no strings attached, but we reserve the right to assess if your application is eligible for this offer. At the end of the proof-of-concept, we want to give you a commercial offer for completing the migration of transferring your Swing application into a modern web application.

Let's discover how we can help you!

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Before we started our project, we worked with Vaadin experts to help us assess our migration options and understand the impact of migrating to different versions of the Vaadin platform. What we discovered helped us make realistic innovation plans for our product that will ultimately benefit our users.

Renaud Wilsius
R&D Director, Vice President, BISAM

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