Align your enterprise with trending web technologies

The role and adoption of web technologies in the enterprise is rapidly changing, driven by geopolitical tensions, COVID-19, market pressure from digital-first start-ups and technological leaps. As a result, many mid to large enterprises are increasingly using the web as their foundation for:
  • Their business continuity processes, with a focus on seamless collaboration, transparency, decentralization, standardization, privacy and security.
  • Their digital transformation (DT) efforts, with a focus on digital-process automation (DPA) and employee experience.
  • Converging back-office and customer-facing technology in an employee and customer-focused manner.
  • Focusing on project-to-product teams and agile methodologies in development projects

Contents of the guide:

Overview of Progressive Web Apps
Design system-improved UX
Modular and standards-based web frameworks
Technologies empowering democratized innovation and collaborative experiences