The user experience you’ve come to expect


The TaskMob demo application showcases the kind of great user experience you can achieve when building Progressive Web Apps (PWA) using the Vaadin platform.


  • Fast to start. No upfront installation or megabytes of code to download. Open the app like a regular website.
  • Smooth user interface. Scrolling, transitions and actions happen without delay, making the user feel in control of the app.
  • Attention to detail. Typography, icons, layout, etc. Once installed on the device, it’s hard to distinguish TaskMob from a native app.
  • Installable. Progressive Web Apps are installable on all modern devices – including iOS, Android, Windows and macOs.
  • Responsive. Use on any device – big or small, touch or keyboard.

With the developer skills you already have

Built with Java on the backend and web standards on the frontend, TaskMob demonstrates that you can build apps with great user experience on any device using the skillset your team already has.

  • Write once, run anywhere. Really! You only need to create one application that will work for all of your users.
  • No app store approval. Get the app and any future updates immediately in the hands of your users.
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