Make an informed decision before building a business web app

Choosing the right framework for your future business web app can prove difficult. After all, most of them have a lot to offer and each of them promises to offer the best approach.

This whitepaper aims to provide business leaders with the information necessary to
choose between three of the most popular options for building modern web applications: Vaadin, Angular and React.

The three options featured in this whitepaper have a common aim: to handle and abstract away most of the low-level functionality and features common to most applications. However, each option handles this concept in different ways and to varying degrees. 

The goal of this paper is to give you, the executive or managerial stakeholder, all the info needed for making an informed decision on the right framework for your particular use case, team and organization.

Contents of the guide:

Overall specifications

Enterprise-oriented features
Vendor support & commitment
Learning curve & DX
Migration costs