Is your company looking to acquire new customers and to enter new markets? Are legacy technologies driving maintenance costs up? Does your long-term business plan include a cloud strategy? Unlocking the value of existing applications on obsolete technologies by migrating them to web can answer these and many other questions. 

Migration is a complex process that keeps business web apps relevant past the point when they outlive the framework they're based on. To help you plan such a critical move more confidently and to support decision-making, we've developed the Migration Assessment Service, a solution meant to minimize the risks of business application modernization efforts. 

Our experts have been actively involved in building the Vaadin framework and are able to analyze your codebase and dependencies on the old platforms and match with the newest components and APIs. Combined with the discovery of your business goals and constraints, this helps us estimate the duration, effort, approach and timeline of the migration. 

At the end of the process, we will discuss the results with you in a half-day session and provide the final report that is structured around three main topics:

  • Technical findings of the existing application
  • Migration goals and target components
  • Phasing of the migration

Request a call now to discuss your migration project, and learn about our take on the migration assessment methods.

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