June 17th 2021


9:00 New York
15:00 Berlin
16:00 Helsinki

Get Ready! 
Vaadin Dev Day

Spring 2021

We have an amazing line up with two well-known Vaadiners, a fantastic guest speaker and a special announcement for Vaadin community participants.  Vaadin Dev Day provides in-depth technical topics and insights to the Vaadin community. The event will focus on Vaadin Flow topics, including DataProvider usage, JavaScript integration, and a roadmap presentation.

Join us for the next edition of Vaadin Day Dev - spring edition!

The Talks

High-performance data access with Vaadin
by Simon Martinelli

Vaadin is often used for creating data-centric CRUD create, read, update, delete) applications. These types of applications make heavy use of database access. Vaadin provides several types of DataProvider implementations for displaying lists or trees of data. This talk highlights existing DataProvider implementations, how to use them, how to pick one, and what to consider when performing database access in general.

executeJs - the gateway between the two sides
by Leif Åstrand

JavaScript is involved whenever anything happens in the browser. You can typically use high-level Flow classes like Grid or Router to control that process. In other cases, you need to roll up your sleeves and create a custom integration. This presentation shows you how that can be done.

Where are we flowing?
by Matti Tahvonen

A brief overview of the most recent and upcoming work items of the Vaadin Flow team. Learn about all the exciting things that we're working on in 2021.

The Schedule

  • 13:00 (UTC) - Welcome and Introduction - Alejandro Duarte
  • 13:10 (UTC) - High -performance data access with Vaadin - Simon Martinelli
  • 14:00 (UTC) - executeJs - the gateway between the two sides - Leif Åstrand
  • 14:50 (UTC) - Where are we flowing? - Matti Tahvonen
  • 15:30 (UTC) - Closing